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RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY: They Won’t Bite….Most Likely!

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Excerpt from Article:

Chastity is something you do; it is something you practice. It is not only a state—the state of being chaste—but a disciplined, active undertaking that we do as part of the body. It is not the mere absence of sex but an active conforming of one’s body to the arc of the gospel.

This was so good…I am blogging it…read on…especially as we move towards Ephesians 5 in the youth group – which deals directly with sexual immorality.

Sex in the Body of Christ
Chastity is a spiritual discipline for the whole church.
by Lauren F. Winner

A word like chastity can set our teeth on edge. It is one of those unabashedly churchy words. It is a word the church uses to call Christians to do something hard, something unpopular.