March 2007


On Tuesday we spent the day with 22 students helping various people around Western Washington county. First we spent time with (more…)


5 days off from school provides us an opportunity to spend good time with the students! We have 4 events scheduled for grades 7-12 and 1 event for grades 4-6.

I have vivid memories of Spring Break when I was growing up…we are privileged to be (more…)

And they are letting us follow along – see here…

remedy is coming


We are moving ahead. The meeting wasn’t as well attended as I would have liked, but the response from the 6 or 7 there was fantastic. We had a great time of praying and brainstorming. I have no doubt that camp will be very impacting for our young people.

Keep praying.

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Today is the first Summer Camp planning meeting in Gresham. Marisa, Daniel and I will travel to provide direction for the handful of Foursquare youth leaders who will be there.

I am very excited about where we are going and what God is doing, but I also feel a bit overwhelmed.

I ask for your prayers!

This should hit close to home…

Good stuff!

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I would like for everyone to listen/watch this video clip that highlights a style of ministry that simply creates space for young people to listen to God. What are your thoughts as you interact with this?

Now, pray…and listen…do we accomplish what we are setting out to? What could we do better?

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This is worth watching – funny stuff. I can relate to a lot of it.

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