We continue to move forward with the plan and the purposes that God has put on our life. Over the school year so far we have seen tremendous health and fruit, but we also continue to see the areas that God is calling us to change – change so that he is more and more glorified in our attempts to minister to the people of the Hillsboro area.

Mostly we are learning how to be good stewards of His ministry. As the student ministries team has innumerable opportunities to minister to young people, we also have innumerable opportunities to own the fruit of ministry. It is our temptation to take the credit for the success or failure of any effort. In doing so we miss the whole point – to trust God above all else and to lead others to do the same. If the gain or success of the ministry that I oversee tempts me to trust myself, and I give into that desire than I am going to leave people to me as their hope – my resources, my gifts, my skills, my wisdom. But, if I say no to that temptation and lead others to trust God more (in the midst of failing or succeeding) than their hope will ultimately lie with him.

That is our desire:

Evergreen ‘s Student Ministry team will provide creative, intergenerational and safe opportunities for young people, ages 0-21, to grow into lifelong relationships with Jesus. While we seek to create a context for each age group to gather and receive specific and maturity-appropriate ministry, we also strive for unity between age groups so that no generation or age group loses sight of its significance to the greater church body. In doing so we believe we will help to reverse the current trends of young people, ages 18-35 leaving the church. At every level we will focus on six areas of ministry:
· Worship
· Teaching
· Outreach
· Fellowship
· Discipleship
· Leadership Development

Over and over we are seeing the value of engaging young people with those who are more mature (adults). At our winter retreat (7th-12th grade) we had 1 adult leader for every 2 students. These young people are so thirsty for healthy adult interactions. And we are seeing that it is our mandate to provide them with contexts by which they are pulled to health and maturity through such interactions.

Thank you for praying for us. We are deeply grateful.

Isaac Hovet
Kevin Hughes
Jeri Houle
Marisa Cowan
Lori Scholz
Daniel Pugh (ID)
Ashlie Mole (ID)