I know that life is busy. I know that people have a lot to do. I know that I am busy. I know that I have a lot to do.

Each of us, however, have the opporunity to surrender our agendas every day to Jesus. We have the right to lay them before his feet and ask him to guide us into the right decision. We have the option, the chance, the ability, etc. for the important things in life to make it to the top of our “to-do” list.

Winter Retreat is something that should hit the top of our Student’s “To-Do” list. They are busy to be sure. They are over-commited…they have things to do and places to be at and a whole bunch of life just waiting to be experienced.

But, what is life if it is not experienced with Jesus at the helm, the lead? What is life if we don’t make room for him? What is life if we don’t respond to opportunities given for him to speak timeless truths into our lives? What is life if we don’t make room for the life-giver?

We are not headed out on another fun trip! We are giving parents an excuse to get rid of their messy, smelly, noisy teenagers for a weekend!

Instead, we leave to search for God. We leave to find his voice, to listen to his whisper, to recieve more of him in our lives.

Let us Go! Let us Retreat! And let us allow God to Re-Create us. Into his image…so that we reflect more of him in our lives.

See you at Winter Retreat.

Don’t miss it.