We have been challenged to step out in faith. The Student Ministries team is being called out. We are being asked to be those who walk by faith and not by sight. We are being challenged to be a team that doesn’t center around one personality or generation. These are steps of faith.

Nebojsa Duric of Croatia spoke last week at our JH/HS service. To begin his message he asked, “How are you all feeling tonight?”

Everyone muttered something – good, bad, whatever…

Then he said, “I don’t care…I don’t care how you feel, it doesn’t matter…it matters what you believe.”

Everyone laughed of course. Our culture is so sensitive to one another’s feelings, so it is amusing to hear one say “I don’t care.” But the point was no laughing matter.

What do we believe? What do you believe? Our feelings aren’t reliable. If we trust our emotions we will never be stable. But, if we trust Jesus, if we believe that He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever, if we believe that he is at work within us, if we believe that He is the head of his church, if we believe that nothing can separate us from God, if we believe in Him, the Almighty God as expressed in his Son Jesus we will be stable. More than that we will be effective. We will be proactively experiencing and perpetuating that Kingdom of Heaven. We will have a Godly, faith-filled, joyful affect on all those around us. We will be more than individuals saved by grace we will be a community set free to change the world.

Over the last week eleven Students have received Jesus as their savior through Student Ministries. They have begun a journey of faith. They will never forget these moments. New chapters are beginning.

God is at work. He is moving…

I believe it…do you?