This is an email sent from Jeri Houle to the great people who helped with our “Heroes Unmasked

To the “Unmasked Heroes”,
As we ‘close the loops’ on an amazing “Family Fall Carnival”….I, for one, stand amazed at the way He moved among us.
What a blessing to be part of the team work that pulled off a ‘bright light’ on a dark night!!!
We  had volunteers volunteering that were just getting started in the ‘heart of a servant’ – Thanks for inviting them. We had long time verterans back for more of what they love,  – thanks for including them.  We had ‘recovering’, tenative heroes that stepped ‘back into’ His service after being away for a long time, – thanks for giving them a ‘hand up’. We had families in every size, shape and costume, – Thanks for welcoming them and serving them. 
Discoveries  were made – new friendships formed, team work established at new levels, creativity and flexiblity poured out, enegery reserves tapped into at the Spirit level when they body wanted to stop. Thank you Jesus.
There was a safe, friendly, inviting, beautiful, fun, – ‘crazy’ as one friend said, atmosphere…lots of smiles  – (some cought on film)- from the edge of the parking lot to the heart of every game and drama.
It is truley amazing to see the ‘big and little’ children of God come together, shoulder to shoulder….we CAN accomplish great and mighty things for His Kingdom. We have been called and anointed to continue to press on toward THE goal….heaven awaits my dear friends.

Well done my hero friends….I am honored to be on your team.
It keeps getting better.

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