On Sunday, November 5th hundreds of Foursquare churches from across the United States will gather on our knees to pray for our world. There will be live satellite feeds to those 300 churches so that we can be led into prayer together.

As we strive for unity, this will serve to bring us closer together as a family of churches. It is comforting to be a part of a denomination. We serve and submit under leadership and even if leadership is not perfect, we get to remain in a posture of humility. God blessed David because he submitted to the leadership of Saul, even though Saul tried to murder David. If David would have killed Saul we all would have thought he was justified. But, we see the greater spiritual principle of submission at work in David’s life.

On this coming Sunday we have an opportunity to submit ourselves to God. We are being called by our leaders to gather and pray, to contend for the people in this world. Jesus said that we “have not because we ask not.” I am not suggesting that we come to the prayer meeting with a list of self-absorbed requests, but I do suggest that if we will beg God to change our world, he will be faithful to his promises.

Be there.

We will.