Again many of you have posted great comments. Some are full of good ideas, such as Kevin’s thought to create long-term small groups by which our parents can grow through – he writes:

In my opinion long-term small groups is the way to go. 13-20 week course. Parents can discuss, fail, grow, learn, experience, teach, listen, cry, laugh with others that are going through such times. Parents helping parents.

Is this feasible? Do people have time to commit to small groups? Do parents feel the need to hone their parenting? Please let us know your thoughts so we can plan accordingly!

Also, Melody has some great thoughts about the structure of our services – she writes:

I’ve found that the churches i feel most comfortable visiting, and participating in, are the ones who are more fluid, and able to move with the spirit of what is happened that night.. and I think that attracts non-believers too, when they can see that this isn’t going to be a stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, kneel and say your prayers kind of service.

This is an interesting comment. Are we too structured? Are we too predictable? Do people feel that we are going through the “religious motions” in our services? As a pastor on staff it is difficult to gauge what non-Christians or regular church attenders experience, so we need your help! Let us know!

And finally, Rick, has some interesting commentary on today’s Christians – he writes

We Christians are looked upon as being very “anal” by observers, and non-believers get turned off before we have any chance of making a lasting impact. If we are always “right” and they’re always “wrong”, what good is it? Jesus was known as a friend of sinners, have you befriended a non-believer lately. Or do we relegate non-believers as not important enough for us to care… we’re basically saying “they can go to hell.” Obviously, these are strong words, but I deeply feel the church has a huge opportunity and responsibility to grow up in our ways (conduct) and become a magnet for the lost, not resisters.

Those are strong words, but I think we all need to evaluate our attitude towards people who don’t see and experience life in the same way we do.  What do you all think?