What’s Next: Youth | Christianity Today

Please take a look at the article linked here. It seems that we are not the only ones rethinking youth ministry.

Some quotes:

Leaders in the field were already reevaluating current models of youth ministry. “We have treated kids as a separate species, which has had the effect of marginalizing them in church life,” said Kenda Creasy Dean, associate professor of youth, church, and culture at Princeton Theological Seminary. The result, she said, is that older teens and young adults may have trouble feeling connected to the larger church.

Wow…sounds like one of us may have wrote that – see value #1

Here is a challenge:

…the greatest challenge is developing “a theology of intergenerational community” that helps a whole church to feel responsible for its youth. Otherwise, he said, churches follow mainstream culture’s market-driven vision— and, like secular culture, abandon adolescents to raise themselves…

-Fuller Theological Seminary professor Chap Clark

Ouch…but sometimes the truth hurts.

And finally from Ron Luce

“You need a place where kids can meet with their peers, and they can grow, and they can hear the gospel in a way that makes sense to them, but you don’t want that to be a substitute for being involved in church.”

We agree with this Ron…our students need both the larger body and a sense of connectedness with their peers.

It is a struggle to do both. But, we are trying to make it happen!

Thanks to TJ for the link to this article!