– Student, 13, fires AK-47 in Missouri school – Oct 9, 2006

School Violence continues.

Last week the ministerial association of Hillsboro was invited to the Hillsboro School District office for a luncheon. The purpose was to create channels of communication between the schools and the pastors in the area.

We are blessed to be in such a district. Many communities experience a rigid separation of church and state. Youth pastors or church leaders are not welcomed on campuses as we are here.

Jeremy Lyons, the Hillsboro School District‘s superintendent, spoke of the violent tragedies that have been popping up across the United States. He was quick to point out that the number one cause of such events is alienation.

Alienation begins at home. If a young person feels rejected or unimportant at home…then he/she seeks it from peers…when that peer group lets the individual down (real or perceived), than the individual becomes dangerous…to themselves or to other people.

The ultimate solution lies in Jesus. The Jesus who prayed that his followers would be ONE. Why did he pray such a prayer? Perhaps God in the flesh knew that he created people to be interconnected. Interconnected with peers. Interconnected with generations.

And he knew that lack of connection would lead to inhumane behavior…

God is leading us. We are striving for unity. We are striving to bridge the generational gap. And we are striving for deep relationship with him.