Last night we had 45 students (grades 7-12) at Evergreen Christian Center.

20 in the main service.

25 serving our children. Pastor Kevin is doing a great job of intergrating our students into ministry.
Pastor Marc prayed over the students in the main service. I could see the tension fall off some of the students. I realized, as I was holding back tears, that Marc’s touch may have been the only positive adult touch that some of these students had.

Marc modeled what needs to be happening in our church. Our youth need to have access and permission to the adult world. And our adults need permission to the youth world…together we can overcome the present generational gap. The gap that is leaving our youth uncared for. The gap that cannot be made up by perpetuating the old model of segregated youth ministry.

The gap that you and I…all of us…are called to bridge.

Update –

Kevin Hughes has now created a system of accountability for who serves on Wednesday nights…good job Kevin…