On a separate post we had several good comments made from various leaders. I am putting them into a new post for the sake of organization, but also because I think there are some very significant observations about the current generation of people that we are leading. Here are some highlights from recent comments:

Rick – regarding the current generation:

…I am scratching my head over the emerging generation. I have always loved working with young people, they’re great, unusually passionate when they fall in love with Jesus. But I am reading a book called the Emerging Church, which is fascinating with how differently they (this generation) see’s [sic] the world. My generation… had a Judeo Christian America, but we need to educate our ECC parents so we can be better prepared to address our teenagers. I spent an intense hour at Starbucks with teenagers recently, talking about Christianity, I wasn’t surprised by the anti-christian attitude that many of them portrayed, because I was prepared through reading about the way our younger generation is without absolutes, don’t believe in the scriptures being God’s holy Word…

TJ – regarding the need for truth to be put back on center stage:

…I don’t know that I see it specifically with today’s “youth” alone. Many people I talk to (mid-twenties, to mid-thirties) have much the same views (very hostile to Christianity). Christian apologetics as a whole is a great area that strengthened my ability to defend my faith when encountering today’s culture. The leaders like; Chuck Colson, Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler, CS Lewis, Lee Strobel, have written many books to prepare people for these discussions…the simple fact that a well-reasoned, rational, logical, and compelling case for Christianity can be made outside of personal experience was enlightening (and seems to address many of the philosophical/historical concerns often raised).

Wayne – on the DaVinci Code:

I would like to learn about how to combat the lie of the DaVinci Code poopoo.

More thoughts? What are your observations of the current generation? Do they understand “truth?” Do they abide by a moral code? Do they seek God? Please share your insights…