As we change things up a bit we really don’t know what people’s reactions will be like. As we seek Jesus for wisdom and guidance we have to trust that he has tilled the ground before we can reap a harvest. The principle isn’t profound, but its profundity lies in our conscience application of the principle. We know, in our minds at least, that God is leading us to places that he has prepared for us, but, as we muster strength and courage to actually move, we aren’t ready to move because doing so forces us to become profound in action, not just in words or knowledge. And so, even if we believe in our minds that He is leading and guiding us, the little steps towards His goals for us become in the least scary, and in the real moments of stepping out over the real or perceived precipice we become petrified with fear.

I find myself in such moments… of fear all the time. Traditionally we have segregated all ages of people as we minister to them. Now we are attempting to blend ages together – this is scary. No, as I see unruly junior high and high schoolers intermingling with well-adjusted adults I feel as though I might faint, wet my pants and cry all at once. My heart so desperately wants to see these young people have positive interactions with adults, but my mind screams that it won’t work. I know everyone feels awkward. I know others are doubting our strategy. And I know that I cannot do anything but trust God’s leading.

Are we profound? Only when we put action to our words.  And only as we stare straight into the chasm as we step…trusting that God will place something under our feet to land on.