God is good. He is directing our steps. There is no doubt in my mind.

This morning was a great example of what he is doing. See you at the Pole is a student initiated, student led prayer meeting. 3,000,000 students in all 50 states and 20 countries gather on the 4th Wednesday of September to pray for their schools, their nation, leaders, etc.

Locally we had leaders (from Evergreen Christian Center) at Evergreen Middle School, Glencoe and HillHi. Students prayed, worshipped and fellowshipped together. Almost 100 students were at HillHi, 70 at Glencoe and 20 at Evergreen!

Also, we are learning how we can be a resource to the “on-campus, student led” ministries that are happening on our campuses. We are so grateful for the inter-denomonational work that is happening in our generation!

In the past it would have been up to one youth pastor to be at every campus. Now, with our new student ministries approach, we are in natural communication. Jeri and Lori were at Hillhi. Isaac, Marva and Ashlie were at Glencoe. Kevin and Daniel were at Evergreen.

Last year we had 1 person at 1 school.

And it took no effort to convince someone to be present this year. We are moving with One heart. We are moving with a singular vision. And we are all being released to be who we are.

It is good to be on a team like this. We pray that all of us can continue to work together and sense God binding us together.