It was an honor to have our parents with us last Saturday at the Gate. We covered a lot of information regarding the current and upcoming changes in our ministry to the youth of Hillsboro. Here are some highlights:

…excerpt from Isaac’s message…

There is no greater task, assignment or challenge than that of being a parent. Being a parent is not just managing children and hoping for the best, it is a day in and day out, in the trenches, mission from God. God has entrusted the next generation into the hands of parents. He expects that we take it seriously. He expects that we don’t give up on it. He expects that we trust Him to make up for our weaknesses. He never expects perfection, for only He is perfect. And that is why there is hope. In every situation there is always hope.
Ephesians 6 tells us to bring up our children in the way of the Lord.
God has given us as parents the job of teaching our children spiritually. A young person will be more influenced by his or her family than by anything else. God has created the family unit to be able to instill foundational values into a person’s life. And so, tonight – I implore us parents – do not neglect this most important role. For you are the primary source of spiritual guidance for your children.
The church, or a specific facet of the church, such as Student Ministries, exists to complement or reinforce your guidance. We do not exist to be the primary spiritual leaders of your children. That job is yours. We can’t take it from you, nor do we want to. As you gain strength from Jesus and model relationship with God you will impact your child more than any camp, any all-nighter, any emotional message, any worship set, bible study or counseling session.

…structure changes…

Saturday Nights
JH-SH-College together
Break out Groups
Age appropriate teaching
Need more time for a lot of this to happen

Sunday Mornings
No more JCHC
Time reserved for special seminars/classes
I.E.Overcoming depression, Purity, Parenting, etc

Wednesday Afternoons
After School activities for JH and SH

  • Video Creation Group
  • Sports Group
  • Home Ec Group
  • Art Group
  • General Competition Group

Dinner together

  • JH/SH
  • Adult Leaders
  • Fellowship of the Saints! (Acts 2:42)

Wednesday Evenings
Youth room used for Kid-Mo for 1-6th grade
JH & SH serving
Adult service becoming more youth friendly/orientated

…upcoming events…

Marisa Cowan updated us regarding several events coming up.

  • Weekly bible study – Wednesdays-7:30am-Civic Center Starbucks
  • See You at the Pole – Wednesday-September 27-7am-at all local schools
  • After Party following the HillHi/Glencoe Game – Friday-October 6-Evergreen

Please email Marisa for a complete list of events