September 2006


God is good. He is directing our steps. There is no doubt in my mind.

This morning was a great example of what he is doing. See you at the Pole is a student initiated, student led prayer meeting. 3,000,000 students in all 50 states and 20 countries gather (more…)


Today the Student Ministries team updated our church staff about the recent changes.  We had to apologize because not all of our communication has been as timely as would be preferred.  Hopefully, now at least we are moving in the correct direction with our communication.  I know that there will always be gaps…but I would like to see those minimized.

On a better note – Pastor Marc has asked us to recruit one high schooler or junior higher every week to share on Wednesday nights (in front of everyone) prayer requests for his or her school.  What a great, simple way to keep our generations involved with one another.

Do you have a simple (or complicated) idea that would accomplish the same thing?

Please let your creative juices flow!

It was an honor to have our parents with us last Saturday at the Gate. We covered a lot of information regarding the current and upcoming changes in our ministry to the youth of Hillsboro. Here are some highlights:


Daniel Pugh (one of our ID students [intern]) and I met with our freshmen last night for the Freshman Frolic.

Our goal of these once a month meetings is 2-fold:

  • To be in regular contact with this class as they transition to High School
  • To help this class develop relationships with one another so they can be strong throughout their high school spiritual experience

Last night consisted of pizza, soda and craziness.  It was fun to see certain personalities emerge.  ECC’s high school group has a bright future with these students rising through the ranks.

We should pray for Ryan, Kyle and Nathan – Three new freshmen boys who are not currently Christians.  They seem to be enjoying hanging around ECC.  Praise God!

Yesterday I got together with Mark, another youth pastor/leader in the Hillsboro area. (We were connected through a group of youth leaders who get together once a month to envision what we can do to unite the youth of Hillsboro/western Washington County. At one of those meetings we discussed the need for an inter-generational emphasis within our churches. Many of us are seeing that if we don’t work hard at engaging our older generations with our younger generations we will continue to see the emerging generations leave the church and their relationships with God) Mark and I spent a good 2 hours talking… (more…)

In order to engage with our current world we must be aware of not only biblical precepts, but also of our current context and culture. In re-building our ministries to young people we are keeping this in mind. The following are the 6 “filters” by which we will strain all of our efforts through:

  1. Inter-generational – Today’s 18-35 yr olds are leaving the church (church at large, not just ECC) in droves. The problem does not lie in the fact that there are not good college/young adult ministries. Instead, we believe the the solo-generational, age-segregated emphasis of churches over the last 40 years has left a generation with very little connection to the previous generation. Now that they are graduating from high school and entering the “adult” world … (more…)